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  - The Unanswerable Question {3 parts}


  - You Must Be Born Again to Enter the Kingdom


  - How Did Yeshua/Jesus become The Son of God? {part 2 and 3 linked through The Unanswerable Question (2&3)}


  - Government and Marriage?

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  What is I-Mystic? -

  • The Mystic (one who has surrendered their lives to Truth and Light) and the Believer (faith-based). Opening the Inner door to the Kingdom


  *The True Prophet:

  • The Logos, Son of God. Levels of Anointment. Allegorical portrayal of the stages of birth – the Resurrection and Baptism

  • How is one taught by God (John 6:45)? Purification of the body-vessel, Foundation of the Living Church. Experiential Knowledge

  • The experiences of Paul that could not be spoken of to the baptized believers of Corinth (“Babes in Christ”). Implications of 2 Cor. 12:1-4


  The Day of Judgment! -

·         Everything in this world is Created in accordance with the Divine Patter and all that exists is a form and symbol of man’s higher soul and spiritual reality. The Truth is present within all men – seeking and picking up one’s cross. Following the Pattern of Yeshua