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  Main Page Segments:  


  *Not Anti-Feminism: (beginning statement)

  • Celebrating the unique powers and nature of the Complete Woman. The downfall of traditional feminism


  In the Beginning (Gen. 1:27) –

  • Moving within the Divine Pattern, overcoming Division


  The Law – All things Contain their Opposite –

  • The necessity and benefit of the Feminist movement and the creation of another form of enslavement – women are alienated from their true strengths when they attempt to negate their differences with men


  Woman is Like the Bible – Greatly Misunderstood –

  • In the same way that looking only on the physical body of the Scriptures is incomplete, one cannot look upon the physical form of a woman and comprehend her true nature and potential


  The Dual Reality of Woman (From the Zohar) –

  • The personification of Lilith – the “evil” nature of the feminine


  The Pandora’s Box of the Feminist Movement –

  • Equality interpreted to mean the “same” – feminist philosophy

  • The Story of Pandora


  Woman Hold’s the Key –

  • The Story of Pandora and Eve of the Garden of Eden. Women have the power to alienate men from their true nature or to fulfill the role of “helpmate”


  The Paradox of the Sexes and the Kingdom of God –

  • The Nazirene Gospel – Oneness of Father-Mother God


  *Equal is Not the Same:

  • Applying the Divine Pattern – understanding the inherent strengths and weaknesses of men and women. What is the significance of the XY-XX DNA? The Power of Women and the Nature of Men


  The Sexes Are not Interchangeable –

  • Opposites cannot be interchangeable in biological role or the powers of mind and spirit. The Power of Marriage and the importance of the relationship between husband and wife


  Woman’s Strength is in her Differences – Men Confused by Feminism –

  • Why are women’s strengths underdeveloped in our society? Young boys and girls should be educated and matured in accordance with their strengths and weaknesses

  • Our Feminist society has emasculated men and alienated women from their true potential by trying to make men and women the “same”


  Our Gender Casts us in the Role of Sperm or Egg at the Next Level of Creation –

  • The natural mind of man and the Mysteries of God (Apostle Paul)

  • Perceiving ourselves within the Pattern and applying this knowledge to higher reality. The differences between men and women should be celebrated, as each can only be brought to completion through union with their opposite

  • Three stages of Birth and the physical, mental, and spiritual development that occurs within true Marriage. The Third-Force of Creation


  The Need for Harmonic Balance –

  • The strengths and weaknesses of male and female perception – uniting the two to bring about higher reality

  • The pattern of childbirth and the physical world as a reflection of higher reality. The female within the male and male within the female - the Power of Women and the male “X”


  The Child of Truth –

  • The Key of Knowledge, importance of Marriage and the downfall of modern religion. Fragmentary knowledge. The dormant male “X” and the cycle of growth within Marriage


  The Requirement of A Paired Reality and Reverse Reality –

  • The interaction between the Masculine and Feminine Polarities of Creation. The reversal of polarity that occurs as each are raised up to a higher level (cycle of development)


  *Alchemy – the Invocation of Higher Reality:

  • The etheric connection between sexual partners and how multiple sexual partners inhibit True Marriage


  Detriment of Social Re-Engineering –

  • The Biblical lifestyle of conservative sexuality and marital fidelity deemed antiquated. Unified Field Theory, Quantum Physics, and Bell’s Theorem


  The Wisdom of the Mystics –

  • Physical contact and the sexual relationship – scientific confirmation of Biblical wisdom


  What Should we Teach our Children? –

  • Beyond the three-dimensional perception – the etheric. Why is the significance of Bell’s Theorem not taught in schools today? The error of Darwinism promoted in the public school system


  *Sex Centers of Men and Women Paired:

  • The Biblical commandment of becoming “One Flesh” (the seven spiritual centers, and Tree of Life – physical and mental Oneness)


  The Warning of Death to Adam & Eve –

  • Symbolism of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil – division


  The Process of Re-Birth –

  • Three-fold Birth – overcoming Division through Marriage


  Sex as a Sacred Sacrament –

  • The sexual connection and birth to higher consciousness


  The Merger of Minds During Sacred Sex –

  • Perceiving the higher reality of life and sex. Purifying the body to be a conductive environment of higher consciousness. Oneness and union of the etheric bodies – spiritual transformation


  The Biblical Warnings on Sex –

  • The pollution of sexual immorality – obstacles to Union. How are we affected by sexual partners of the past? Why did Paul promote celibacy? The Power of Sex can either assist man in his quest for the Kingdom or bring about his demise when wrongly used.

  • Physical-etheric bonding


  Multiple Wives and Husbands –

  • What is the significance of the story of the woman at the well? Marriage contains seven levels – the first is brought about and initiated through intercourse. Recognition of the sexual connection as a level of marriage


  Heavenly Unions –

  • Genuine Marriage is ordained in Heaven and no Marriage can exist if either spouse is adulterous (thoughts – Matthew 5:28)

  • Absolute Faithfulness, unconditional Love, and seeking higher truth


  Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Birth –

  • “Know Thyself.” Capturing every thought to Christ (consciousness). Becoming the good-ground. Spiritual miscarriage and the process of Birth. Biblical requirements – ethics, purity, morality

  • The Narrow Gate, birth canal. Symbolism of Armageddon – “pangs of birth” – and the allegory and spiritual meaning of Revelations

  • The Power of Marriage and the Sexual Union. The purpose and importance of the physical. Relationship between the Soul and the body


  *Women Polarized Positive at the Breasts:

  • Positive and negative polarization at points in the body and the cycle of energy exchange that occurs between husband and wife

  • Why are people constantly looking outside their marriages instead of developing their relationship with their spouse? The quest for completion and fulfillment (women turning to business/social life, men turning to sex and pornography). The downfall of seeking completion and fulfillment in sources that are impermanent – what is the solution?


  • We do not grow and mature by negating the physical and attempting to abandon this world. Embracing the Forces of Creation

  • The transitional doctrine of Paul (sex and the physical) – religions of denial (Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnostic Philosophy of the Greeks)

  • The illusion and allusion of this world that manifests and brings into harmony the lower elements of mind (assisting in the quest for completion)

  • The animal nature. Wild animals will either attack or evade – this reality exists within the body, as it does without. Proper development and transformation of the animal nature. Faith, knowledge, action/works.

  • Embracing the finality of Creation within ourselves (Gen. 1:26-31)



  • The objective is to be liberal and non-judgmental with others, while being extremely conservative and discerning with one's self. Conservative/liberal and the male/female polarities – the Wisdom of the Star of David