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  Article Listing:

  - Introduction to the Gospel of the Nazirenes {3 parts}:

  Main Page Segments:



  Christian doctrinal Quagmire –

  • The Key of Knowledge, turning the Scriptures within to learn from the Living Word


  *What Scriptures are Authentic?:

  • The purpose of the Scriptures and the teachings of Yeshua. Brining about the condition where the Kingdom can manifest in the Life of the disciple (faith and belief)

  • Allegory and spiritual nature of Scripture

  • Is the Gospel of the Nazirenes any more authentic than our Bible today?



  • What did the Scriptures look like before they were edited? What concepts were taken out? The pre-existent Soul, vegetarianism, three-fold fulfillment of the Torah, etc.


  *Teachings on Soul-Evolution:

  • The process of Spiritual Transformation – “Born Again” – the Stages of Birth


  *The Outer Darkness:

  • The Parable of the Call and the Wedding Garment