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  The Gospel of Thomas and the Sacred Manna of the Inner Kingdom –

  • The Key to understanding the true depth of Scripture is to first explore and “Know Thyself.” The True Prophet/One Teacher. The Inner Kingdom. Turning the Scriptures within – the Key of Knowledge

  • To Know Truth, you must live Truth. To possess Truth, you must be possessed by Truth – Faith and consecration of the mind and body


  *Why Can’t the Truth of the Bible be Stated and Written Literally?:

  • 1 Cor. 2:14 – “natural” (carnal) man judges and condemns the Higher Reality of Spirit as “absolute foolishness.” Organic limitations of the physical body. “Babes in Christ” (baptized, dedicated believers) – What are the Mysteries that could not be spoken of by Paul?

  • Christians that have been given a greater opportunity in the world will be judged by higher standards. Complacent Christians (Luther and the modern Church)

  • Rejecting the Spirit and turning to the literal word (“letter that killeth”)

  • Because the Roman Church destroyed the foundation of Biblical principles, Christianity no longer possesses the means to move on to maturity. Elementary doctrine (“milk”).

  • Origen Contra Celsus and the “True Word” – a look at the Church prior to Constantine (levels within Christianity). Simple faith and the Spiritual Christians


  The True Interpretation of the Scriptures –

  • Allegorical portrayal of mind and being (names, numbers and stories). Three-fold nature of Scripture (body, mind, spirit). Turning Scripture within – the Key of Knowledge


  The Objective of the Scriptures –

  • Becoming a Disciple of Christ and entering “in the House.” The Inner Kingdom. The Tree of Life – 12 Disciples, Tribes of Israel, and the Zodiac


  *God Centered vs. Know Thyself:

  • The transition from believer to seeker to Disciple. Recognizing the elementary mind-set of world religions (various flavors of milk and the limitations of man’s doctrines). The God centered mindset – believers are as subjects to the “royal heavenly family.” The exclusion of Self

  • Necessity of “Milk” – moving on to maturity (“meat”).

  • Man’s Journey to Perfection, the Prodigal Son – embracing man’s reality as the Divine Offspring of God. The errors of Easter and New Age reincarnation. Christian Reincarnation

  • The Spiritual Law that transforms us into a Living Temple (keeping the Royal Law and the Commandments). Removing worldly attachments

  • Divine Pattern and three-fold nature. Illusions of Plato’s Cave (“outer gates”). The Being of Light (“Know Thyself”). The evolution of Consciousness and the “good-ground.” Gnosis (sacred Manna) and the dormant aspects of mind.

  • Christ – Anointing of Mind. The historical man Jesus and the Transcendental Christ. Logos (Mind of God).

  • True Christians and Paul’s doctrine of Faith. Three types of Christians – Spiritual, psychic (disciple/seeker), material (simple faith). “Pangs of Birth” and the Inner Kingdom. Spiritual Gnosis and the Mysteries of God

  • The Roman Church, secular institution, and the destruction of Christianity. The rejection of reason and the development of mind.


  *Essence of Gnosticism:

  All Genuine Religions are Gnostic –

  • Gnostic (“gnosis”) – experiential spiritual Knowledge. Understanding Gnosticism (1. Natural man cannot comprehend reality – 2. Religion has always been used by governments of the world to control the people)


  Plato’s Cave –

  • Allegory of the Cave – allegorical forms and symbols act as a catalyst to connect man with the higher soul and spiritual realities. Illusions and shadows – the multitudes. Escaping the Cave. Understanding Reality (holographic theory – the scientific perspective

  • Literal interpretation of the Cave – reality represented completely as shadows on the wall, dimensions beyond our vision. Life and the Living (allegory). Scriptures and the rejection of Truth (those shackled to the Cave)


  The Absurdity of those who Condemn Gnostics –

  • Pseudo-religious leaders violate the primary rule for interpreting Scripture when they read it literally. Allegorical nature of Live and Scriptures

  • Sacred writings of the Greek Pagan’s (“Christians”) and the relation to New Covenant teachings. All religions of this world possess a degree of Truth. Why were the people of the New Covenant unique?

  • Universal Truth, religious symbols, and the “Two Ways.” The Indwelling Logos (Greek), the Gospel of John (writings of Clement), and Divine Marriage. Implications of Plato’s writings on the Logos that all Christians should consider (Christ written about by the philosophers before the time of Jesus). The physical man Jesus and the transcendental Christ

  • Supposed Hellenistic influence and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Foundations of Christianity


  *Our True Nature and Form. Our Soul is the Being of Light:

  • The primary objective of Life is obstructed by the rituals and traditions of religious paths and the sensual/elemental appetites of this world. Gospel of Thomas – failed images


  Man’s Soul Reality/Genetics –

  • We must be “Born Again” to enter the Kingdom. Overcoming the divided nature and brining about the next stage of Soul-Birth. The Prodigal Son.

  • The physical body environment – nourishing thoughts, concepts and impressions that permit development and perception of higher frequencies


  The Universe is a Great Mind –

  • Modern Science – the quantum process and thought process. Holographic theory. Man’s perception of frequencies and physical transformation.

  • We are as an embryonic image of the Soul - Spiritual miscarriage results when we fail to enter the Kingdom while alive in the body. Gospel of Thomas – “failed images”


  *The Commandment to Know Thyself:

  • To Know God one must first know their True Self

  • Jesus said the God of the Jews was the Devil, and because the Church has embraced the way of the Jews, the devil is the Christian god today

  • The literal written word of the Old Testament – “letter that killeth” (Paul)

  • Examination of the writings of Clement (Peter), the Zohar, Origen, Moses Maimonedes (Jewish Theologian), Eusebius, G.R.S. Mead, etc.

  • Symbolism, allegory, and the purpose of the Scriptures (blue-print of mind)


  The Devil – The God of the Jews –

  • Judaism – one of the last surviving mystery religions

  • The Mysteries of God that natural/carnal man cannot comprehend

  • Spiritual Transformation

  • Early Christians believed that the god of the Jews was a lesser god and not the God of Jesus. Condemnation of Spiritual Christians in Rome.

  • The Right (Inner Spirit) and Left (karmic-corrective) Hand of God


  The Church of the Anti-Christ –

  • The prediction that Satan would rule the Church (2 Thes. 2:3-4). The 4th century Roman Emperor Constantine and Modern Christianity. The Spiritual New Covenant.


  Satan Speaks to the Christian Elect –

  • When we judge ourselves in accordance with the standards of this world, we are given a false vision of righteousness. The commandment of Perfection and the Left Hand.

{The Ministers of Satan}

  • The god of this world – what is Satan? The nature of the Satanic Force (Left Hand) and how it affects the world

  • Matthew 7:15-16 – you will know them by their fruits. The leaders of the Church claim doctrinal purity and protection from God


  *The Written Word Portrays the Left Hand of God – The Inner Spiritual Meaning the Right:

  • Karma, the Laws, and Divine Strategery. The Left Hand is the reflective reality – Bringer of Light (Lucifer) – a corrective response to our words, thoughts, desires, and deeds that forces an upward movement toward completion. Mosaic Law of Karmic Retribution

  • Allegorical nature of Scripture that conveys the inner Spiritual Truths

  • Fundamentalists and Darwinism – the flaws and positives of both philosophy


  The Gnostics were Right –

  • The absurdity of the depiction of the literal Old Testament God. The Old Testament – antiquated mystery religion text and the purpose of the New Testament


  The Mystery Books with the Power to Deceive –

  • Ancient writings and parallels to the Old Testament. The narratives and doctrines are as a cloak – allegory of the written word

  • Initiates of the Jewish Mystery religion and the allegorical symbols – those that are not initiates will be greatly deceived by the written word. Why did the Gnostics rejected the Old Testament?