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  Main Page Segments:  


  *The Missing Link: 

  • The Pre-Existent Soul that evolves to Perfection. Understanding the process of Soul-Growth (Alpha to the Omega)


  The Words that Haunt Christians (Luke 14:33-35) –

  • Many modern Christians do not know the process of Soul-growth because they embrace the thinking and mindset of this world

  • The Greek word “Pure,” can be interpreted as “mixture-less” – the importance of not being fragmented by many outside forces (seeking the Source). Purity, the Parable of the Wedding Feast, and the “outer darkness” (outer levels of mind and consciousness). The body as the Temple of God


  Christian Incompletion – the Great Doctrinal Quagmire –

  • The doctrinal void that inhibits Christians from understanding the Journey of the Prodigal Son


  *The Living Scriptures vs. the Letter that Killeth:

  • The Torah, New Testament, and Qu’ran are all shadows of the Word of God

  • John 4:24 – God is a Spirit and can only be sought through man’s indwelling Spiritual nature, and when turned within, the Scriptures help man connect to the Spiritual nature. Paul on the nature of carnal man, and the “Babes in Christ” (Corinth) that could only be taught the Testimony of Christ.  Spiritual transformation

  • Matthew 13:17 – the majority attempt to read the Scriptures literally and observe the oracles of the Word outwardly


  You can Know Truth –

  • Faith and belief (living a consecrated life and seeking the Kingdom within). Picking up our Cross – capturing every thought to Christ


  Natural Man Views the Mysteries of God as Foolishness –

  • The Call for Spiritual Transformation


  *New Covenant vs. Old Covenant:

  • Ritual observance and philosophical belief are dead works. TheWay is the path that the Disciple walks to Journey to the Kingdom. In a Living Religion there can be no division, where there is One Teacher that all Genuine Disciples have access to (seeking to learn from the Source)


  Christians, Jews and Muslims all Reject the New Covenant –

  • The True Church of the New Covenant is Spiritual and Living. The greatest obstacle to the seeker is clinging to manmade doctrines and literal interpretation. The objective and purpose of the New Covenant teachings (preparing the believer for discipleship, and the disciple for transformation

  • Christians, Jews, and Muslims all fail to perceive the essence of their religions and have thrown away the Key of Knowledge. The True Prophet and One Teacher within. The only way to know Truth is through your own dormant Spiritual nature


  The Cause of Human Suffering –

  • Ignorance of higher reality (church, government, and culture). Our lives are a result of our own past desires, thoughts, and deeds – we are presently creating our future

  • Journey of the Prodigal Son, growing to Perfection


  *The Universal Path of Love, Life and Knowledge:

  • Restoration of TheWay. The Pattern of Yeshua that we must follow. Christ/Messiah – Anointed. How do we begin?


  Light of Yeshua –

  • Yeshua came to guide seekers into the Kingdom and teach the way and process of Perfection

  • Ignorance and fallacy of those who attempt to teach and preach in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. Traditional religion does more to alienate man from his Creator, than any other force on earth

  • Christians, Muslims, and Jews each have fragments of truth, though each sect finds fault with the other while ignoring their own ignorance


  *Churches Cling to the Milk of the Gospel:

  • Paul’s words to the people of Corinth, baptized believers only received the milk of the gospel because the Mysteries of God are foolishness to carnal man. Moving on to Maturity and Spiritual Transformation


  Spiritually Disenfranchised –

  • Christian Pharisees


  The Threat – Institutional vs. Spiritual Religion –

  • Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Rejection of the spiritual essence of religion and the murder of true seekers. The Promised Land of Moses, Kingdom of Yeshua, and the Distant Mosque of Mohammad all exist within the higher reality of mankind and must be sought within by the true seeker


  Institutionalized Religion Throws away the Key of Knowledge –

  • The Sadducees and Pharisees – clinging to the dead rituals and traditions that alienate people from spirituality


  The True Replacement Theory –

  • Modern Christianity – replacement of the Sadducees and Pharisees


  Disciple vs. Believer –

  • The Believer is a person of entry-level faith, that has yet to begin the process of Spiritual transformation. The disciple that seeks to prove all things and move on to maturity


  Proof – Jesus was a Man - not God –

  • Those who worship Jesus as God embrace the doctrines of Pagan Rome, a false god. The nature of the Logos, the Son of God, and the affects of worshiping Jesus instead of imitating him as the pattern to follow


  Christians can’t Know Messiah/Christ –

  • Yeshua was a man that became the Son of God by fulfilling the Law within himself. Yeshua said nothing about faith and belief in him and never proclaimed himself as God.

  • Examination of the implications of Mathew 19:16-17 – (by keeping the Commandments we will gain eternal Life)

  • Man’s quest to be born into higher reality and enter life. The Disciples of Christ did not choose to follow Yeshua, he chose them. Preparation to become a seeker, entry-level requirements, and the consecrated life


  The Pre-Existent Soul that Evolves to Perfection –

  • Keeping the Commandments and Faith in the Laws. Why did Paul say that natural man cannot comprehend the Mysteries of God?

  • Corruption of the Bible, Christian denial and limitations


  Incomprehensible Mysteries –

  • What is our true Spiritual Reality? 90% potential of mind – how do we develop beyond the 10%. The thinking and mindset attached to and dependent on the culture of this world when our focus is directed outward

  • 2 Cor. 12:1-4 – what did Paul experience that he could not speak of to others. Quotes of the Church Fathers on the Mysteries. What are these things that would strangle the “babes in Christ”?

  • Moving on to maturity, beyond the Milk


  *Are you a Vessel of Gold? Or a Vessel of Wrath?:

  • The conditions of our life and birth. Pre-Ordination and how we create our future (past deeds and desires of the heart remain with us, returned in the future). What do the Scriptures say about pre-ordination and the Will of God?

  • The corruption of Christianity and the Bible – the reason why Christians can’t explain the paradox of Freewill and Predestination

  • The Pre-Existent Soul and reincarnation. Why did Celsus accuse the Church of being a “secret system”? Origen’s explanation – levels of Christian teaching


  Scriptural Paradox –

  • Rev. Spurgeon – “two lines of truth.” Do we have Freewill or is all of life Pre-Ordained? Scripture supports both paradoxes. We cannot chose one truth over the other, but must seek to find the higher reality that unites the two

  • The life we are living has been designed to meet our needs


  Why Does Bad Things Happen to Good People? –

  • The Laws that we invoke through our thoughts, desires and actions. The Left and Right Hand of God – the literal Word and the inner Spirit of Scripture. The god of the Old Testament

  • Transmigration of Souls and Judaism. The Foundation of Biblical thought – why did Yeshua not condemn reincarnation?

  • Isa. 55:10-11 – all things that go out shall not return without accomplishing what God desires. This world is God’s university, where we must undergo the process of Spiritual transformation.

  • Observing the movement of the Laws in our life and experiences. Re-building our house and working with our present condition – consciousness of what we see, perceive, think, and desire (invoking the Law of Grace – what happens when we blame others for our actions?)


  Gnostic Paul –

  • What is the Faith of Paul?

  Did the Jews Kill Christ? –

  • The Hand of God placed carnal Jews into the role they played in Yeshua’s death, and every event that took place at the Crucifixion was brought about by the Hand of God (verses in Scripture)

  • The betrayal of Judas – Luke 22:3. God and Satan worked in concert to orchestrate Jesus’ death, yet Judas was still responsible for his role. The sin of Judas that many believers are guilty of. Why did Judas betray the Son of God? The symbolism of Judas (Jew)

  • Manifesting the Kingdom within and the Spiritual nature of Genuine Christian, Jewish, and Muslim belief


  It is You Who Crucified the Messiah/Christ –

  • Those that continue to sin after coming to the Knowledge of Christ will receive greater judgment than unbelievers

  • Modern religion is alienated from truth due to manmade doctrines and failure to understand the process of development. Believers of the flesh (philosophical belief) – calling on the name of the Lord while living in accordance with the culture of this world

  • The Logos, Son of God, and the True Prophet – turning within and not to the outside doctrines of men. There is only one way to receive Gnosis (the indwelling spiritual nature)

  • Physical, mental, and spiritual preparation (becoming the “good-ground”)

  • Plato, Gospel of John, and the Logos – significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Power of God that enlightens the true seeker

  • The physical man Jesus and the transcendental Christ


  *Do not Disparage and Think us Fools:

  • An answer to those that come preaching the literal word


  We seek to Convert No One – Our Goal is Spiritual Transformation –

  • If you are a Jew: Understanding the Allegory of the Torah

  • If you are a Christian: The Origins of Christianity and the Catholic Church – downfalls and obstacles of modern Christian belief – the original teachings of Jesus

  • If you are a Muslim: Allegory of the Qur’an – the language and tradition of the Arabs – the Distant Mosque and the Mecca within


  *You Will Know them by their Fruits of Spirit:

  • In our present time all Muslims are being tested - those that are silent are self-condemned. The issue of terrorism and murder in the name of Islam. Manifesting Peace as an example to the world


  Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all Equally Banned from the Kingdom –

  • The important truths that each religion possesses, in areas that the others lack. Purification and consecration. Fulfilling the Torah of Moses, the teachings of Yeshua, and the Wisdom of Mohammad