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  Christians and the Alchemy of TheWay –

  • Symbols of Alchemy are condemned by modern Christianity because they have no understanding of the spiritual essence of their own religion

  • Rome – Paganism, destruction of Christianity. The reactionary philosophy of Luther

  • The Key of Knowledge – sacred knowledge embedded in Alchemical symbols. The Philosopher’s Stone, transmutation of the carnal nature


  The New Age & the Alchemy of TheWay –

  • Paradoxical opposites (New Age & Christianity). Gnostic Faith and deeds vs. Rhetoric (profession of faith or belief without Works)


  All You Need is Love –

  • Unconditional Love and the Tree of Life (completion, balance of the spheres). Knowledge of Self and the Mysteries of God (masses taught in parables). Warning of the Apostle Paul (even those who seek Truth will wander in error). Plato’s Cave and the “Outer Darkness”